David Steele Overholt (artist)

In One Ear presents a kaleidoscope of overlapping video clips in constant flux, ruled by a soundtrack broadcast on radio frequency 99.9FM.

More than 200 video clips from mainly 1980s and 1990s television were chosen specifically to conjure nostalgia amongst the generations of kids raised in front of the TV, as images from Saved by the Bell, Full House, Seinfeld, and more co-mingle on the screen. The stream of images, as well as the radio broadcast playlist, is presented in a completely random order resulting in a constantly flickering series of discovery. Much like looking into a fire to watch a flame dance, the steady stream of color and light becomes hypnotic as recognizable characters fade in and out of the screen surface to the beat of the music.

Television was, as the Internet is now, the common language for learning how to love, hate, belittle, defend, and learn. Given time, the experience of being lulled by this syncopated display of media, we are afforded the opportunity to reflect upon our de-facto relationship role models.

To create this installation, Overholt uses appropriated video and music in conjunction with custom software, which edits our visual and audible experiences with a randomized music playlist. Working in tandem with the video archive, Overholt chose the selected musical content because the distinct commonality in how each artist (Overholt and the creators of the music) appropriates source material, remixing it with great artistic intention. This is a nod to a movement called Culture Jamming, a process through which artists pit modern media against itself and critique the power it has over our lives.

During Prime Time (7pm-11pm), the video is projected onto the gallery’s windows, presenting an alternative version of the family living room. Throughout the day, the same video and audio are visible inside the gallery, and with the additional component of a webcam, viewers are able to temporarily insert themselves into the amalgamation of media.

This new media exhibition allows for experimentation and adaptation, allowing viewers to witness moments in art making that embrace both choice and chance.

This Oklahoma Contemporary exhibition is funded in part by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the Oklahoma Arts Council, and ARTworks|The National Endowment for the Arts.


Tune into radio station 99.9 FM, 7-11PM
Oklahoma Contemporary's Showroom | 1146 N Broadway Dr | OKC