I'm collaborating with artist/architect adam Lanman to create public art for the City of Enid. This is an artist-led project, which means we initiated this idea and we must secure the funding through individual donations and grants available to individual artists. We need your help to make this happen. 

Plans are underway to create an epic piece of public art in downtown Enid. The title of the work is Under Her Wing was the Universe. Inside, visitors will experience a micro-universe of lights.  Imagine stepping under the shelter of a bird's wing and seeing the universe. We imagine this becoming the kind of destination where memorable moments could happen: a first kiss, a proposal, teenage daydreaming, or a picnic with friends. This contemporary art work would transform this vacant block on the south lawn of the CNB Center: Park Avenue, between Grand and Independence, and add another great attraction to the downtown Enid community. 

Please support this project. By giving at any level, you are contributing to the production of art that transforms community. Donating $100 allows you to name a star in the universe. Donating $1,000 allows you to name ten stars and one constellation. Donating $5,000 allows you to name 50 stars, five constellations, and one solar system. Donating $10,000 allows you to name 100 stars, ten constellations, two solar systems, and one galaxy. Donating $20,000 allows you to name 200 stars, 20 constellations, four solar systems, and two galaxies. All donors at $100 or higher receive a limited edition printed star char that maps each of the stars location in the created universe. All donors at $1,000 or higher will be listed as a sponsor on permanent signage.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to create this work in October 2017. This is an architectural-scale work of art. Funds will be used to buy materials, rent equipment, run electricity, and cover travel expenses, signage production, installation insurance, artist fees, and landscaping costs. 

Our fundraising goal must be reached by July 30 to maintain our timeline. The timeline for this project is very short, with installation taking place in September 2017. There is a significant amount of work that occurs before moving the materials on site to erect the structure and install the lights. If we cannot raise the funds in time, we still create the work, we just push the timeline back.

Donating to this fundraiser is a very real way to support Oklahoma artists. We want very much to make this monumental experiential piece for people to visit and enjoy for the next decade. We need your support to make that possible.