...break the confines of reason and release collective creativity

Art making can often be an isolated endeavor, but magical things can happen when artists work together. Styles, media, and concepts overlap. New, unexpected things emerge. 

This exhibition is a framework for collaboration amongst a diverse group of artists. The base of this framework is inspired by the Surrealist drawing game known as “The Exquisite Corpse” in which multiple players add to a drawing that is not entirely visible to them. This game, one of many designed to break the confines of reason and release collective creativity, seemed an appropriate point of departure.

For The Elaborate Collaborate, each artist worked independently at first – whether on video or paper – creating each initial contribution that would later be assembled with their collaborators. In the case of the video, each artist contributed one minute, based on the final 10 seconds from the previous artist’s video. The paper artists each created preliminary drawings incorporating a predetermined line that serves as a continuous thread tying them all together. Through the duration of this exhibition, these artists will collaborate on each other’s paper, working towards a final large-scale piece. As it develops, the public is provided a unique experience of watching the artists at work in the gallery. 

As curators, we’d like to express our gratitude towards the participating artists who have given so generously of their talent and remained open to the possibilities that exist within collaboration. Thanks also to our sponsors and Individual Artists of Oklahoma for supporting an ambitious experiment, one with unpredictable and unknown results. This kind of support makes risk-taking and growth possible, both for artists and the larger community.

Artists: Beau Leland, Sarah Hearn, Mark Kuykendall, Geoffrey Hicks, K Edward Van Osdol, Glenn Herbert Davis, Cathleen Faubert, Pete Froslie, Samantha Dillehay, Stefanie Leland, Eli Casiano. 10 minutes. 2015 

final installation view

final installation view

Amanda Sawyer

Alyson Atchison

Clint Stone

Opening Reception at IAO Gallery, JULY17.2015
photos by Brett Deering