I'm creating public art for the City of Enid in collaboration with architects Michael Shuck and adam Lanman.

This is an artist-led initiative, and wouldn't be possible without generous community support. Your support helps make this artwork possible. Please donate to the fundraising campaign

Plans are underway to create a contemporary piece of public art in downtown Enid. The title of the work is Under Her Wing was the Universe. This artwork will transform an empty block on the south lawn of the CNB Center: Park Avenue, between Grand and Independence, and add another great attraction to the downtown Enid community. Groundbreaking should take place in spring 2018 with completion by the end of the summer.

CONCEPT STATEMENT : As artists, we dream about a large-scale site-specific installation that is unique from any other art that exists in the world. Under Her Wing was the Universe provides a 2.5 acre native prairie landscape comprised of grasses, flowers, and trees. Within the landscape lies a large-scale sculptural pavillion that shelters visitors and invites them to escape into daydreams and possibility. During the day, viewers can experience the work as a sculpture large enough to envelope us whole. During the night, viewers will delight in a thousand stars overhead. It is our goal to create a place on the edge of downtown Enid that awes and inspires and attracts: an outdoor sanctuary for hometown folks to find a newness within their community, as well as an entry-point destination for visitors to discover what makes Enid special. This is contemporary Oklahoma art which nudges us to look forward into the abyss of potential while also encouraging us to hold dear the place from where we come.


APR 30 2017 Fundraising for public art project underway | Enid News and Eagle
JUN 18 2017 Oklahoma artists Romy Owens and Adam Lanman reach for the stars...  | NewsOK
JUN 26 2017 Art approval process underway, plans to bring universal experience to Enid | Enid News and Eagle
JUL 3 2017 City Considers $30K funding, downtown location for art project | Enid News and Eagle
JUL 5 2017 Public Arts Commission recommends approval of downtown art | Enid News and Eagle
JUL 6 2017 Delayed: Enid City Commission tables downtown art project vote | Enid News and Eagle
JUL 7 2017 Four-hour meeting results in tabling of art project | Enid News and Eagle
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JUL 19 2017 City commission approves art project funding in 4-3 vote | Enid News and Eagle
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SEP 12 2017 Public art project construction to begin soon | Enid News and Eagle
OCT 27 2017 Downtown art project discussed at Oklahoma Arts Conference | Enid News and Eagle
NOV 7 2017 Public art project behind schedule | Enid News and Eagle
JAN 7 2018 Work on downtown public art project continues | Enid News and Eagle
JAN 17 2018 City commission to hear status of art project | Enid News and Eagle
JAN 18 2018 Enid city commission hears update on downtown art project | Enid News and Eagle



The City of Enid

The Bert and Janice Mackie Family Charitable Fund

Solar System
Greater Enid Arts and Humanities Council
The Family of Chris Jones
John Martin
Park Avenue Thrift

Jennifer Alig
Fitzsimmons Architects
Diane and Jon Ford
Jenny, Brent, and Ben Haines
Molly Helm, Purple Ink Consulting
Sharon and David Hume
KC Clifford and David Broyles
Main Street Enid
Dick McKnight
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition : Community Artist Partnership Grant
Melissa Prophet and Jay Taylor
Jill Ruding
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

Anonymous (2)
Jessica and Tom Andrew
Cindy Benge
Jerry Blankenship, M.D.
Sarah Cook
Davis Law
David and Cheri Ezzell
Suzanne and Mike Klemme
Anita Leutkemeyer
Latisha McElroy
Laura and Clark McKeever
Carol and Dallas Morris
Jessica Nelson
Donna and Tom Rogers
Melissa and Todd Scaramucci
Jon Terry
Kim and Mike Wallace
Mitch Walters

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MJ Alexander
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Mark Allred
Lisa Jean and Mike Allswede
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Robert Barron
Chrysteena Barton
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Cathy and Jason Benge
Tracy and Dusty Bittle
Kathryn Black
Pat Blanton
Bryan Boone
Jennifer Borland
Laura Bowen
Tyler Bowen
Gail Box
Chandra and Steve Boyd
Diana Bray
Krystle Brewer
Gail and Stan Brownlee
Donna Brueggemann
Ann Bryant
Michelle Bui
Ken Busby
Stan Carroll
Jessica Caruthers
Lindy and John Chambers
Christina Ciesielski
Shannon Claire and Clint Stone
Margaret Clements and Gene Williams
Julie Cohen
Mikey and Erica Colbath
Connie Conrady
Vicki Longhofer Copeland
Sara Cowan
Scott Cowan
Penny Crist and Lee Johnson
Amy Curran
Bob Curtis
Leslie Dallam
Chad Davis
Ashley Dawn
Robbin Davis
Kaylee Davis-Maddy and Sam Washburn
Denise Dawson
Jann Debenham
Jill DeLozier
Cherilyn Diewald, Steve Dyche, and Brad Dyche
Tim DeClerck
Kathaleen Dempewolf
Diane and Tim Dillingham
Jill Dobson Deleon
Danielle Dodson
Mary Donnell
Lewis Eggleston
Steven English
Enid High School Class of 1987
Cara Evans
Holly Evers
Nora Ezzell
Ben and Stephanie Ezzell
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Audrey and Ken Fitzsimmons
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